Domestic Energy Assessor Certification

A Certification Body for Domestic Energy Assessors in  England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Become Certified with H&VCA Ltd in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 -

Read the following documents:

Membership Requirements
Minimum Requirements of Energy Assessors
Members Code of Conduct
Charges and fees
Support Desk

Step 2 -

You will need to complete the following:

Application Form

Insurance Form

Step 3 -

Send your completed documents to:

Accreditation Department
Heating & Ventilation Certification Associates Ltd
Unit 2, 76 Stephenson Way
L37 8EG

Along with your application we also need the following documents:

  • One passport sized photograph of yourself;
  • Both parts of your driving licence or passport;
  • Previous years CPD
  • Qualification certificates;
  • Copy of certificates of insurance or insurance application (download above); and
  • Copy of the basic disclosure* (no more than 12 months old)

*A Basic Disclosure is the minimum requirement, but a valid Standard or Enhanced disclosure can be submitted provided it is no more than 12 months from the issue date. A Basic Disclosure can be obtained quickly by applying on-line to Disclosure Scotland which covers the United Kingdom and not just Scotland, this is currently the only Basic Disclosure service available.

It is recommended that you send these documents by Special Delivery. H&VCA takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your application details during transit. H&VCA will return your original documents by Special Delivery.

You can also send them by email to the email address on the application form.

How your application is processed

When we receive you application we will make the following checks:

  • Check that the application form is fully completed;
  • Confirmation and verification of identity; and
  • Confirmation of attainment of relevant qualifications.

The Scheme Co-ordinator will formally assess this information and recommend acceptance of an applicant to join the scheme or rejection. If your application is rejected, you will be sent a letter explaining the reasons why it was unsuccessful and you have the right to appeal to the Board of Directors. In the event of an appeal, the Board of Directors can choose to either dismiss the appeal, authorise the applicant to be registered or refer the appeal back for further consideration to the Scheme Co-ordinator.

Annual Renewal of Membership

The re-registration process will follow the same procedure as the initial registration, and in addition there will also be a review of the history of any consumer complaints, insurance claims and disciplinary action. The scheme will also require evidence of the CPD undertaken during the membership period about to expire.

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